The purpose of the Eagleby Giants is to develop a strong culture that will assist the players to not only become good footballers but also good people. As Eagleby is a low socio/ economical area many children live in hardship and because of this we have chosen the name and slogan:

Eagleby Giants – Dream Big+Live Large

We want all players to know that they are big and strong enough to achieve whatever they put their minds to and with discipline, sacrifice and hard work they can be successful in life.

We aim to build a family club that will help Eagleby create a new community spirit and take pride in the achievements of the children.  The Giants colours will be Royal Blue/Navy Blue/white.  These colours have been chosen as they are non aggressive, fresh and clean, and it’s all a part of the ‘new Eagleby’ that we are trying to create. All duty officials will be required to wear the team supporter shirts to show community unity.

There will be no alcohol allowed at home games or club functions as we don’t want the children to grow up associating alcohol with sport. 

We will be teaching the children about making smart choices in life and the importance of living healthy and treating their body as a temple.