2022 Local Sporting Club Making a Difference Award

Our club was named 2022 Local Sporting Club Making a Difference Award at the Community Achievers Awards.

We are so humbled to have received the Local Sporting Club Making a Difference Award. It is a such a great honour.

We would like to thank all of you who believed in us and joined us in this unforgettable journey thus far.

We would also Iike to express our heartfelt gratitude to all that voted for us and enabled us to achieve our goals.

Thankyou to Geoff Griffin and the whole Events Team at Awards Australia for a phenomenal evening.


Eagleby Giants WIN 3 Major National Awards for 2021

At the Good Sports awards that were held in Melbourne back in March the Eagleby Giants JRLFC

National junior club of the year

Queensland club of the year

Vice President Nick Carroll was named Queensland volunteer of the year

These awards so how amazing our Giants family are. We are a community based club with passionate and dedicated families, players and volunteers that work so hard to create the club that we are. Thank you to everyone who has worked to make our club who we are! Hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the Awards recognise Good Sports clubs and their dedicated volunteers from across the country who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

This is an amazing achievement not only for the Eagleby Giants but our community as we have been recognised for our efforts in supporting one another

2019 Club of the Year

Giants named 2019 Rugby League Brisbane Junior Club of the Year

This is such a huge accomplishment for a young and growing club.

Many people have been congratulating Arthur and Nick, but their are so many more people that have helped the Giants become junior club of the year. This was a team effort and the whole community should be proud!

The Giants success is a result of many positive and harding working people coming together for our home town of Eagleby.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing committee for helping the business side of the club run as smoothly and professional as possible.

A GIANT thank you to James our coaching coordinator for assisting our coaches and organising trial games and post season games.

Thank you to our coaches for all the hours you volunteer for our players. You are all great mentors for our players and you always behave professionally representing our club and community at the highest level.

Thank you to our managers who have a difficult job but always do it and we appreciate you for it.

Thank you to all our league safe, first aid and touch judges and referees for always being willing to volunteer to make our games run smoothly and safely. Without you there is no game.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors. Many of you have been supporting our club for over five years and your support is appreciated. It’s so great that you all believe in what we are trying to achieve in our community and are always encouraging us.

A GIANT thank you to NRL Development Officer Sam Panapa for all the support you have given our club in the last 12 months. You have helped our club move forward and grow and stay true to our values.

Thank you to The Shed, GROW, Friday Night Youth Night volunteers, Ky Boss (Ben, Mick and Sharney) and holiday programs for assisting our club in our community work (you all know who you are)

Thank you to our incredible players. Thank you for putting on the Giants Double Blue and representing our proud community. We are all so proud of the way you all work hard and play for each other setting an amazing culture that lifts our club.

Thank you to all our parents, guardians and families that spend a large part of each week at Bishop Street Park. Thank you for choosing our club to bring your children to. Thank you also for believing in what we are trying to achieve in our community and being willing to be a part of it.

Thank you to Eagleby State School, Eagleby South State School and Beenleigh State High for promoting our club and supporting us.

Lastly, a GIANT thank you to Eagleby Community for supporting our club as we have continued to grow. Everything the Giants do is for the Eagleby Community and to have so many local People support our games and events is truly humbling.

This award is a team effort and everyone in our community should feel so proud!

Still Dreaming Big and Living Large
Onwards and Upwards

2018 Premiers

Congratulations to our under 13s Team for finishing on top as the Premiers 

Dream Big + Live Large

2017 Premiers

Our club made history by winning our first ever grand finals!

Congratulations to our under 11 and 12 teams for your amazing success!!!

As a club we should know how much passion and pride we have for our club and our community. Thank you to all our members who come to support our kids as they became the first Giants teams to win a grand final.

Dream Big, Live Large, Eagleby Giants on the charge!!!